Mainstay Suites in Fargo ND

Pet Friendly Hotels in Fargo, North Dakota: Mainstay Suites  by  JAN ASHBY



1901 44th Street SW, Fargo, ND, 58103

Phone: (701) 277-4627 Fax: (701) 356-0733


I have much to SHARE with you today – You’ll certainly learn more about MAINSTAY SUITES in Fargo, North Dakota than you expected to. I include things such as what you get with a Suite – details like the size of the TV screen in the living room (the room is comfortable – it even had a large Sofa).

And the beds are so very comfortable – I had a King-size bed in mine. Slept like a baby!


First of all, this is a PET-Friendly hotel. ND-Hotels-pet-friendly  The price of Mainstay Suites is roughly $83 to $140 dollars.

A valid credit card will be required to rent a suite –  for a pet, you will pay a one time nonrefundable fee of $75.

There are other ND Hotels and motels with a smaller charge for pets – Super 8, for instance, charges either $5 or $10 for pet stays in Fargo.



When I returned from the equipment room or pool area, it was nice to have a seat on my couch. There is also a chair in the “Living Room”.  At FARGO Mainstay Hotel, the size of the TV screen is 32 inches. And you also have free Wi-Fi – which you can set up at the Breakfast bar seating area that is located by your kitchenette.

Btw, the living room features carpeting – this carpet extends over to your sleeping area. In the sleeping area, there is an actual closet (LG) – with sliding doors, and spare pillows.




It’s located close to the West Acres Shopping Center and Fargodome, the Red River Zoo, and Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau ♦♦ Right across the street is the Chucky Cheese Pizza place – which the Kids may enjoy.


Mainstay Suites: Within The Hotel Itself

You’ll be happy to know there is both a Jacuzzi and a Gym – I checked out the equipment, it’s fairly durable “Heavy Duty” equipment.  Nothing chintzy.  *Note:  It has a treadmill

The Fitness Room is for adults – no children allowed. There are plenty of extra towels in the room – and the jacuzzi in the Fitness area is a pretty good size.


And as far as the pool goes, well, there’s a jacuzzi situated next to the pool.  I noticed many family members enjoying it.  Yet there’s also a spa/jacuzzi by the fitness center .  It is rarely in use – at least, I witnessed the one at the pool to be in far greater use.


Other Nice Benefits: There’s a Kitchenette or You Can Eat a FREE Breakfast


kitchenette-in-hotelThe kitchenette has some pluses – there is a big frig, a microwave, toaster, dishes (corelware plates that are sturdy); paper towels, dish soap (yes!), large-size bowls, silverware, coffee cups, glasses; a Frypan, a kettle.

I think the suite came with a basic Keurig coffee machine  [4 Cups are produced each time]. Also, there is a Dishwasher .  And even a potholder!

Now I had a very nice room – you had better call ahead to verify you’ll receive a nice “fully-stocked” kitchen, as well  (just sayin’ ).


As to the Breakfast Room – it is pretty large (not “dinky” as at the SUPER 8) – They spent some money on the Tables and chairs (higher quality).  And the meal choices were exceptional.  You could have REAL homemade oatmeal (not those packets)!


Or you could opt for scrambled eggs & bacon – which many HEARTY EATERS did.  I noticed they kept putting out more and MORE eggs (they truly stayed on top of things).  5 Stars *

Oh, and for you waffle lovers.. They’ve got you covered!  You can make as many as you like.


The coffee choices were decent!  3 selections : strong, medium, mild, decaf.  luxuries-on-vacation

For Tea drinkers, they offer Hot water.

I have to say you surely don’t find this large of a SELECTION at other hotels – and on the weekends, you know what they do..?  Simply extend the Breakfast hours (to 10 a.m) – so you can SLEEP in a bit



And there’s a Guest Laundry – which is FREE. There are 2 sets of stackables – they aren’t HUGE, so it may be rather an involved process for a big family.

Finally, there is an Airport shuttle available – or conversely, a BIG Parking lot (if you drove).  There certainly are many nice restaurants nearby – since the mall is situated nearby.

Personally, I enjoy Chili’s (at the mall), the Olive Garden (very elegant – wine and nice music playing), or LONGHORN Steakhouse – and for breakfast, there’s Dennys, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery.

And then for kids, there is Chuck E. Cheese pizza close by.  This eating spot can provide truly good entertainment for kids for hours!  And this location in Fargo has redone their Salad Bar.

Addr:  1202 Nodak Dr
Fargo, ND 58103


I hope you have satisfying travels !     plane

HODO LOUNGE is a hipster place – Things like BISON Burgers & Quinoa Salad + Scotch collection impressive !!



Between the astonishing breakfast in the Breakfast room and your FULL kitchen (completely stocked) with Keurig Coffee maker, you can indeed save money – since You won’t have to go out to eat as often!  If you need more details on the suites, visit this:  YELP  [General comments ]


P.S. –  You can ask for a QUIET Room –  I Did!

P.P.S. – There are 2 computers/2 Printers in Bus. CTR

( I did not receive compensation for this review – it is simply my experience )






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ND Motels: A Variety of Choices in Bismarck

ND Motels Review for Bismarck North Dakota


Suites and ND Motels

Hey, today I want to provide you a bit of information for motels in the Bismarck area.  This is information about motels or hotels in the Bismarck area – the capital of North Dakota.


Address:  2301 East Main Avenue, Bismarck ND

Phone  :   701-223-2474

Email   :   [email protected]


The rooms all come with a kitchenette – nothing fancy. But at least you can sit down and have a nice snack or dinner in your room.  *There’s a microwave in the room, as well as a stove.
VIDEO of Room

I will provide you this video, so you can observe for yourself.  There are storage cupboards aplenty in the kitchen area.

There is wi-fi  (but hey, I don’t know your needs so it is best to phone management & ask).  I have listed the phone no. at the top of this page. HBO is available in each and every room.  If you opt for Weekly rates, this is quite economical; it basically comes out to less than $50 a night.

**NOTE:  This is close to downtown, so it’s good for shopping & dining.  If you’re looking for a place that’s super quiet, however, this may not be your best bet.



FLAT PANEL TV’s;  also the Bismarck Motor Inn is close to restaurants and to shopping, and fairly close to the hospital

LAUNDRY:  Yes  (Coin Operated)

A Senior Discount & Veterans discount is available – so inquire within.  Also, children stay FREE with a paying adult.  There are security cameras on site.

Extras:  Please note there is a room with a whirlpool – this would be their suite.

Reviews for this inn:  TRIP ADVISOR

Handicap Accessible:   Yes         Pet Friendly:  Yes    Pet-Friendly-motels


To See a Slideshow,  visit the Bismarck Motor Inn page

To observe the proximity to St. Alexis Medical Ctr., go to Roadside America  (this Page lists the top 30 motels, inns, and hotels within a 10 Mile radius).


NEXT UP:  La Quinta Suites




Address:   2240 North 12th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone:     701-751-3313  or  701-355-6913

Fax :        701-751-3314


This hotel is clearly a step up – yet what it has in common with the previous place is that it’s also “pet friendly”.  There’s a walk area for your dog(s) which is well maintained .

At the low end, it’ll cost you at least $109; right now (in May) the rate is $122 thru Orbitz and

Amenities:   exercise room, pool, jacuzzi, pillowtop beds with luxurious quilt, free breakfast, free newspaper, free local calls; meeting facilities; high-speed internet access, guest laundry.


This hotel has a really nice bathroom (better for sure than Bismarck Motor Inn) and is more spacious.  Thus it depends if you want to be pampered and have really nice comfy bedding and work out in their cool fitness room – or if you’d rather save some money and get a good weekly rate (and still be close to restaurants, shopping etc), then opt for the motor inn.

I can vouch for the fact this is clean and the rooms are very spacious & nice.  I like the fact this hotel serves wine sometimes in the Lobby at night.


The La Quinta Inn has another sweet feature:  I like that check-out is at Noon !

Check in time is:  3 PM

Things to Do:  Located near the state capitol.  Loads of restaurants; miniature golf.  The Belle Mehus Auditorium is nearby, within 2 miles.  For theatre tix, hit up Ticket Center


Dakota Zoo is nearby – several miles (3.5 miles)

Handicap Accessible:  YES     *Staff does try to provide ground floor, if requested

Points and specialsLA QUINTA OPTIONS



*Note that in some cases a Late check-out can be arranged (depending).  Also the Front Desk is available 24 hours a day.  Safe at front desk.

Images:  See photos of Room  





Copyright  2015  ND Motels

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ND Motels: A Comparison of Hotel/Motel Amenities


Hotel Amenities: A Discussion on Supplies

By Jan Ashby   Jan Ashby

Do you think that motel towel upgrades should be “on the menu” at the point of check-in?  For that matter, do you feel that hotels and motels should offer more upgrades?


I realize a person can choose a suite at said motel and receive better accommodations – but this does not include TOWELS.   SHould management be thinking of additional ways to make the guest comfortable?  I would think the ANSWER to this would be a resounding “yes” .ND Motels amenitiesYet my thoughts today lead me to more than just TOWELS… It occurs to me that some ladies (and men) might appreciate an upgrade on soap – you know, instead of those tiny soaps that hotels and motels give you.  So that’s one idea..


Or a PLUSH, soft bathmat – as an upgrade – might be nice.  You know, I feel that North Dakota could go a long way toward improving accommodations.  Look AT that word in the previous sentence !

A-C-C-O-M-M-O-D-A-T-I-O-N  – You’ll note that the ROOT word of this noun is “accommodate” – and I do feel that many

ND motels

and hotels can improve.

Have I “Walked the Walk” Though?

I say this after having traveled around the state (on and off for 7 years) – and I do notice some room for improvement on

HOTEL soaps and amenities

hotel soaps and amenities

What about the idea of providing organic laundry detergent in the hotel or motel laundry room – i.e., offering a choice for those people who have “soap allergies” or sensitivities..

Of course, Management may say that it’s an expense to store extra items such as this — yet if Management did a survey of what residents wanted, it could be worked out.


There is a way to do such things.  An upscale hotel (or motel) can place a survey in the room – and simply OFFER a discount  to get the guest to actually fill out the survey.

For example, a free spa visit for a future stay.  Motel and hotel owners can do joint ventures with other small businesses in North Dakota, too.  This way, both parties benefit.

local business promotions   (The spa owner or massage therapist gets introduced to new customers, while the hotel/motel accomplishes their end goal)

This can be implemented online, as well.

>> Please post your suggestions and ideas (in the form of a comment) < <

And don’t be shy about sharing.. if you like this post.

–  Jan Ashby


Copyright  ND Motels

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Super 8 Motels: Airport Super 8 Suite in Fargo ND..

ND Motels – Features at The Airport Super 8

By Jan Ashby

Jan Ashby My Stay in a Quiet ND Motel: Near Airport, Decent Parking, Restaurant Nearby


Super 8 Fargo Airport

1101 38th St NW, Exit 66 Off Of I-29, Fargo, ND 58102

(855) 261-1567


You may wonder if I enjoyed my stay in this Fargo ND motel  Super 8 MotelsWell, in a word “yes” – for the most part, as it was amazingly quiet – except for 1 time in my 4-day stay.  This was on Sunday when they started up some LOADS of laundry.  You see, I was situated in a suite next to the motel’s laundry center.

Located near I-29 and the airport, the Super 8 I stayed in had the following features:

  • POOL
  • Jacuzzi
  • Laundry
  • Free Breakfast
  • Comfortable Beds
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Close to Hector Int’l Airportsuper 8 motel

For me, this motel was just right.  I needed a quiet stay – and as I was travelling during the off-season, the staff was able to offer me a SUITE.  The rooms all open to the inside of the motel – so I felt pretty secure and safe.

  My room was large, and came with a sitting room complete with brand new flat-screen TV and a good lamp – for reading !

I actually really enjoyed this last feature – the lamp  ND motels and amenities

Why?  Because it enabled me to read my mystery novel and “unwind” LATE at night.  Unlike the picture above, the Super 8 Fargo ND motel’s lamp was big – and gave off a LOT of light !

Of course, I liked the hell out of my FLAT screen tv – hey, what’s not to like?  It got a lot of channels, and every channel came in crystal clear.

The Kitchen Area:  Pretty Large for a Motel

What I liked the most – the available storage, and the mini-frig.  No, not a mini-bar – but hey, you can get ICE  from down the hall & make up some drinks if you like.  It will store quite a few.

When you get the suite (as I did), you get LOADS of free coffee, and a nice ice bucket.

coffee at the motel

The parking lot is nice and large – not only AMPLE parking, but parking for both cars and trucks.  Additional Comment:  The fact that I could go for a little walk was nice.  If you have a pet travelling with you, then you’ll be happy (the motel accepts PETS with a deposit).

Restaurant Nearby is none other than Arby’s – you can walk .. it’s within a few hundred feet.  For other restaurants, you pretty much have to hop on I-29.   Here’s a few for you:


  1. Monte’s DowntownSophisticated Fare: Incredible Review here

2. Doolittles Woodfire Grill  – My Fav


This motel is blessed with elevators, btw.  No lugging around suitcases.  Enjoy your stay.

P.S.  I suggest you tour the rooms ahead of time, and check out the bed for firmness.  Don’t be shy – you’ll be happier in the long run IF you’re comfortable.

P.P.S. If you’d like to see my review of “The Olive Garden” in FARGO, visit my review

>> What are your feelings about motels in North Dakota? What improvements could be made? Please leave your comments in the Box below < <



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Professional Staff and European Flair

Noble Inn:  A European Style Hotel with Friendly Staff

By Jan Ashby

     ND Motels in Devils Lake

Location:  1009 20th Avenue Southeast, Minot ND 58701



Today I’d like to tell you about a nice inn I found, quite by accident.  It has charm and a “european flair“.  Plus it has decent hotel amenities – specifically, there’s a fitness center, an indoor pool, and a kitchenette in every room.  Also it’s convenient to have the laundry on EACH and every floor!

              Minot ND motels

Minot ND Hotels: Additional Amenities to Consider

Are You a Techie?  Well, you’ll be pleased to know that every room includes wi-fi. Plus there’s a 32 inch flat screen tv.  And if you like the feel of memory foam, you’ll be jazzed to know you can request a memory foam topper!

The bed is a pillow-top bed – all the rooms are new, and are quite sound-proof. This is a quiet inn and is close to the airport. It features a large walk-in closet.  And if you need something (extra pillow, information) just ask; the Noble Inn has courteous staff who want to HELP you out.

Simply call (701) 837-1500. The professional staff will be glad to assist you.


The rooms are non-smoking, but there’s a designated area for smokers.

Many online reviews confirm this – as you can see 😎 .

Minot Activities and Events

The North Dakota State fairgrounds are 2 miles away, and host many events.  The North Dakota State Fair is in July – yet there are year-round programs, and you have only to LOOK up the calendar.

The Taube Museum of Art is nearby, as is the Old Soo Depot Transportation museum.  For dining, there’s a variety.  I’ll list some fine dining establishments:

If you prefer oriental – thai food for example – there’s the Baan Rao restaurant on  40th st. (it’s at 401 40th Street SE, Minot ND)

Final Notes

Some people like to know if a place has any newspapers. This one does. Also, there are banquet facilities on site.  And if you happen to have a lot of luggage, well, you’ll be relieved to know that this inn does have an elevator.

For summertime, there’s an outdoor barbecue to be enjoyed.

It is a new hotel, arriving during the boom time in North Dakota (oil boom) – with plush features (granite countertops, nice silverware & a kitchen), a bar, and full “hot” breakfast.. what’s not to like?



Additional Services at The Inn


Vending Machine (snacks), Vending Machine (drinks), Meeting/Banquet Facilities, Laundry, Fax/Photocopying, Business Center, ATM Machine on site, Newspaper

If this doesn’t strike you as a charming place to stay, well, you drive a hard bargain. You may want to check other Minot hotels such as Four Points by Sheraton Minot.

  – Jan Ashby          Jan Ashby
Staff Reporter



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