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ND Motels: A Comparison of Hotel/Motel Amenities


Hotel Amenities: A Discussion on Supplies

By Jan Ashby   Jan Ashby

Do you think that motel towel upgrades should be “on the menu” at the point of check-in?  For that matter, do you feel that hotels and motels should offer more upgrades?


I realize a person can choose a suite at said motel and receive better accommodations – but this does not include TOWELS.   SHould management be thinking of additional ways to make the guest comfortable?  I would think the ANSWER to this would be a resounding “yes” .



motel-towelYet my thoughts today lead me to more than just TOWELS… It occurs to me that some ladies (and men) might appreciate an upgrade on soap – you know, instead of those tiny soaps that hotels and motels give you.  So that’s one idea..


Or a PLUSH, soft bathmat – as an upgrade – might be nice.  You know, I feel that North Dakota could go a long way toward improving accommodations.  Look AT that word in the previous sentence


A-C-C-O-M-M-O-D-A-T-I-O-N  – You’ll note that the ROOT word of this noun is “accommodate” – and I do feel that many

ND motels

and hotels can improve.



Have I “Walked the Walk” Though?

I say this after having traveled around the state (on and off for 7 years) – and I do notice some room for improvement on

HOTEL soaps and amenities

hotel soaps and amenities

What about the idea of providing organic laundry detergent in the hotel or motel laundry room – i.e., offering a choice for those people who have “soap allergies” or sensitivities..

Of course, Management may say that it’s an expense to store extra items such as this — yet if Management did a survey of what residents wanted, it could be worked out.


There is a way to do such things.  An upscale hotel (or motel) can place a survey in the room – and simply OFFER a discount  to get the guest to actually fill out the survey.

For example, a free spa visit for a future stay.  Motel and hotel owners can do joint ventures with other small businesses in North Dakota, too.  This way, both parties benefit.

local business promotions   (The spa owner or massage therapist gets introduced to new customers, while the hotel/motel accomplishes their end goal)

This can be implemented online, as well.


>> Please post your suggestions and ideas (in the form of a comment) < <

And don’t be shy about sharing.. if you like this post.

–  Jan Ashby



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